Hydrogen Consumption

Provides information on company name, location, site, year deployed, fuel cell manufacturer, and the number of forklifts used in U.S. facilities. Source: Fuel Cells 2000 - www.fuelcells.org.
Explains the reactions, electrolyte material, applications, and other information about the various types of fuel cells.
Provides information on the automaker, vehicle, engine, fuel cells, and other characteristics of fuel cell prototype, concept, and active vehicles.   Source: Fuel Cells 2000 - www.fuelcells.org.
Contains information on the numbers and characteristics of hydrogen vehicles currently operating and planned for operation outside of the United States.
Includes information on location, vehicle type, energy conversion type, organizations involved, number of vehicles, vehicle characteristics, the year deployed, and the type of use.
Identifies the location, organizations, and characteristics of currently operating large stationary fuel cells in the U.S.